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Abis Enterprises provides indoor and outdoor LED display modules, custom MS fabrication, steel and aluminum fabrication, welding and metal repair services to commercial and domestic customers across India. The head office of our company is located at Gurugram, Haryana. For the last 14 years, we are not only satisfying our customers continuously, but we are living up to their expectations. And at present we remain the first choice of the clients in that field of work.

Abis Enterprises is a Metal Art Studio where customer's desire comes true.

Our designer are committed to the highest standard of quality workmanship and designing as per the imagination of the customers. For us, along with the satisfaction of our customers, their safety is our priority. Our team of technicians take care of each and every aspect and pay attention to every necessary detail to ensure customer satisfaction. Our experienced welders, fabricators, designers and electricians are highly trained, knowledgeable and experienced in their craft.

What We Are Doing

LED Display Panel

Remote Sensing Doors

Front Elevation

Emergency Stair Case

Designer Railing

Other Metal Art Work

Why Choose Us

Our Expertise & Creativity

  1. Quality Products
  2. Best in Industries
  3. Competitive Price
  4. In-House Capabilities
  5. Partner With Top Manufacturers
  6. Experienced Teem

We Care Our Clients

  1. Provide Quality Customer Service
  2. Deliver the Best
  3. Practicing for Customer Satisfaction
  4. Help Desk
  5. Technical Support Services
  6. Customer's Choice is Our Priority

Sunil Bhargav


I wanted something different from the traditional grill design for the balcony of my dream home. Abis Enterprises teem showed me some amazing design samples that were in line with my imagination and this grill has enhanced the beauty of my home

Vineet Gupta

Kia Motors

For our company, we take service of Abis Enterprises for the installation of LED Display modules. They know how to tackle the immediate hurdles. And it is their habit to work in the given time.

Shekhar Jakhad


I often use the services of Abis Enterprises for metal frame work at my construction sites. I have taken the services of other companies as well, but nobody else has the professionalism like Aabis Enterprises regarding safety parameters. And these are very cooperative.

Rjendra Bansal


I had to make my showroom front beautiful yet strong. And LED was also to be installed on it. Due to having corners, the issue of designing was coming. No one was able to provide a perfect design. Contacted Aabis Enterprises and they did the building survey and gave me the perfect design in the very first go itself. The material used by them is also of high quality. No problem even after 5 years.

Rajesh Rakhache

Businessman, Mumbai

I got fixed motorized remote sensing doors by Abis Enterprises in my house. They take care of quality along with Decor. However, there has been no problem in their work. But even if there are some small problems, their after sale services are brilliant. They take full care of their customer's problems. I give him 5 star rating.

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