Contract Manufacturing & Construction Frame Work

The pace of India's industrial development is at its peak, and this pace requires a lot of skilled engineering conglomerates to assist in the journey of industrial infrastructure development from manufacturing to production. Abis Enterprises has proven reliability and commitment to manufacturing activities. We also provide support in their production for various industries. We provide production support to the companies according to the parameters and standards decided by them. We manufacture and supply the equipment or accessories required by various producers and manufacturing companies.

Abis Enterprises has always been the first choice for manufacturing companies. Because we make them the construction frame for manufacturing according to their needs and parameters within the stipulated time frame. We have a team of very experienced professionals for this work.

Factory Upgradation, Repair & Maintenance

Aabis Enterprises also provides repair and maintenance services to various industrial units for their metal frames. We Metal Work Men are a well-known name. We are involved in metal frame construction of infrastructure of various companies and providing maintenance services to various companies. Our company develops and implements a proactive maintenance program Scheduling maintenance work and coordinating the maintenance team making sure all factory maintenance operations follow the guidelines fore casting, ordering, and negotiating the price of spare parts inventory hiring subcontractors for specialist maintenance work managing the maintenance budget.

Our Expertise

  • Painting and surface treatment for metal frames
  • Welding and repair of metal frames
  • Reconstruction of metal frame parts
  • Upgradation of metal frame of factory
  • Construction, installation and maintenance of LED display modules

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